Radon Testing Services

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, which is found in soil everywhere in varying concentrations. Radon gas can accumulate in enclosed places, such as a house, but its presence, even in high concentrations, cannot be detected by human senses because the gas is invisible and has no odor.

Long term or chronic exposure to radon has been linked to lung cancer. The higher the concentration and the longer a person is exposed, the higher the risk. It is always suggested to reduce exposure to Radon.

However, because of its physical characteristics, the only way to detect the presence of radon gas and measure the level is by a test. We are licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to conduct this test.

A home is typically the most valuable asset the average person will own, and they’re going to want to take as many precautions as possible to protect the home and those living in it. Radon testing is an integral part in this endeavor, so if you need radon testing services, come to AMK Home Inspection, LLC.

A Vital Inspection for Owners, Managers, and Realtors

Nearly every home will have some degree of radon. How much radon is present cannot be determined without testing. If you are buying a home, you will have to perform a number of different inspections. Most of these inspections seek obvious problems that pose specific dangers. However, many homeowners are unfamiliar with the process of radon testing and its importance.

If you are planning to sell your home, knowing in advance of higher-than-acceptable levels of radon can prevent delays in your closing later. Despite being undetectable without specialized equipment, radon poses a danger when present in a high enough concentration and is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Radon is colorless, odorless, and radioactive. While radon is found in small concentrations in the air you breathe every day, some locations contain a much higher amount of radon, which can lead to several dangerous illnesses.

Fortunately, radon testing is more accurate and pain-free than ever. Our team is fully licensed to conduct radon testing and will perform the radon test in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Standards. The testing is non-invasive and affordable. If high levels of radon are detected, you can take steps to lower these levels.

A Trusted Provider of Radon Testing

AMK Home Inspection, LLC, helps people in Middlesex County, NJ, keep their property safe by performing tests and inspections. If you want to ensure that your property contains a safe level of radon, give us a call today at (732) 553-9481 or visit our contact page. We’ll help you get the answers you need quickly.