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New Jersey Home Inspectors License 24GI00055600
New Jersey Radon License MET11347
Inter-NACHI Certified Member ID 13061914
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Inspection Services

Home Inspection

What is a Home Inspection?
A Home inspection is the visual inspection of major components of readily accessible areas such as inspection of foundation, structure, home inspectionthe Primary Systems such as the electrical system, plumbing system and the HVAC (Heating and Air-Conditioning) systems.  We also inspect of exterior including driveways, walks, siding, windows, roof, doors, patios, decks balconies and the garage.  We also check the interior of the home including floors, walls and ceilings, bathrooms, the kitchen and Kitchen appliances,  interior doors and windows, floor coverings, accessible areas of the basement and / or the crawlspaces.

With nearly 30 years experience in the construction and  renovation trades, we have unequaled experience that gives us  the knowledge and skills to protect our clients.

We not only have the actual experience, we have taught the NJ State Required course to be a home Inspector!

Commercial Property Inspections Commercial Inspections

Although Commercial Inspections and Home Inspections are similar, commercial properties require more knowledge and detail and have their own set of requirements.

We have years of experience in commercial evaluations from small storefronts to warehouses and office buildings that makes us uniquely qualified.      

Just like our residential inspections, we can provide you with a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of your new building or facility and provide all the same quality services in a timely manner.